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2020 Wedding Support pdf

Are you overwhelmed with what to say to your wedding couples when everything is so unknown? We have created this pdf to help support one another during this time.

The world is an ever changing landscape right now, it's a scary time, hell I'm scared. Managing your own fears and worries while supporting your couples during this time is a lot to take on.

This pdf can be sent out to your couples, answering all the hard questions, while also letting them know that they are supported through this.

This product works in Adobe InDesign.

Written for wedding photographers

but this resource could cross wedding industries with a few tweaks.

The Wedding Support pdf has complete copy throughout the document. The copy can be used in its entirety, or it can be customised to suit your business.

*The copy for this document was written in March 2020. Some small sections may need to be updated. 


The fonts used are open source fonts and you are free to use them.



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We're Here For YoU

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This intro page lets your couple know that you are here for them during this time.

LET's START With plan b

This section goes over your couples options, when they should consider rescheduling or keep the date.

consider your RESCHEDULE DATE

If your couple are going to reschedule, this page encourages them to consider moving their wedding date to a Friday, Sunday or mid-week date.


Whether rescheduling or keeping the date, this section goes over the importance of keeping everyone in the loop.


This section encourages couples to postpone their wedding rather than cancel. It also goes over the protocol if they have to cancel.


From group restrictions, travel bands and vendors being unavailable, this section answers all those hard questions.

REcomended vendors

In the event of rescheduling it is likely that vendors wont have the date available or wont feel safe servicing a wedding at this time. Here you can support your industry peeps by recommending them.

Easy to customise and simple to use!

How To put A Price and information Template into practice

the process from purchase to launch

Step 01.

Step 02.

Step 03.

Step 04.

Step 05.


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