Our Story

Studio Leelou was built on the basis of creating design that is not only beautiful but also emotive. We believe that good design should make your audience feel something and in return create a better connection and understanding of your product / service.
Good things take time and every single product that we offer has been thoughtfully created. Every single line, colour, font and element has been considered.

We are helpers by nature and nothing makes us happier than to see your business thrive with the use of our products.


Founder & Creative Director

about me

I photographed my first wedding alongside my husband Jai, and so the venture into the wedding industry began.

As my venture into wedding photography began so did my journey into graphic design. When Free the Bird started, the business needed branding, promotional material, stationery and a website.

I have always been artistic and loved drawing since I can remember so it felt natural to apply these skills to design. Shortly after branding Free the Bird I went onto study a Bachelor in Communication Design while also photographing weddings.

Growing up in-land from Byron Bay, I take inspiration from this small beach town. Running barefoot through nature, laying by the ocean listening to the waves, warm in the sun, touching, feeling completely immersed in this natural paradise, has created a love for texture and the perfect in the imperfect. This transfers into my designs with the use of organic hand-drawn lines and natural textures throughout my work.

my background


Eight years ago...

I shoot a lot less, and create branding and digital resources for wedding photographers. Being a wedding photographer and building 'Free the Bird' from the ground up has given me an in depth knowledge of wedding photography businesses, the industry and market.

these days...




Lead Designer

Born to a household rich in South American culture and draped in traditional textiles, Jess's creative soul began early. As a lover of fashion and design, Jess finds inspiration from the elegance and simplicity that fashion beholds. Jess pays homage to her roots by implementing real life textures and luxury finishes in both her print and digital designs.

Lead product designer

About Me