Seamlessly Migrate Your Website

We wont just migrate your content, we'll migrate your whole design!

Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease     Let move your website with ease

If you're a Flothemes user, you might have learned
about Flothemes shutting down. Don't allow this
news to hinder your progress. We're here to provide
a smooth transition to another web platform for your
website. Let us handle the move so you can focus on
running your business hassle free.

A Hassle-Free Transition

No late nights of tech web migration, just... 






Ease and relief, as you relax and let us handle your website migration while you focus on other business goals.

Freedom, as you regain your late nights and weekends, exchanging stress for well-deserved balance and rest.

Satisfaction, watching our team create a beautiful, customized, and functional site for you in no time, no diy headaches required.

Confidence and assurance, knowing you won't have to migrate to a template and your website will stay as unique as you created it.

Joy and anticipation, as you fast-forward to unveiling a professionally designed website without lifting a finger.

Same Site, Different Platform

Are you unsure how to rebuild your website in another platform and also have zero time to do it?

Do you want someone to take all the work out of moving your website?

We understand that you've invested an enormous amount of time and effort into creating your Flothemes website. You're not looking for a redesign; you want to preserve the hard work you've put into your current design. That's why we don't just migrate your content; we meticulously replicate your website's existing design, ensuring it remains unchanged in its transition to Showit. Our designers will work  with you to recreate your website on Showit, working to preserving every detail, layout, and element, so it's a replica of you Flothemes site. Your Showit website will maintain the essence and identity of your brand seamlessly, without being forced into any changes.



Welcome to Studio Leelou!

Over the years, we have customised many photographers websites in Showit and our studio looks at innovative ways to use the features in Showit to create impactful websites. We have all the skills to rebuild your website design, matching how it looks to make a near-exact replica so that you can continue running your business without the stress free. Yay!

Hi, I'm Leelou

A little about me: I'm an ex-wedding photographer (my husband Jai Long and I had a photography business together for 8 years) turned graphic designer. Using my knowledge from the photography industry, I now create website templates and other digital products specifically for photographers and videographers to help accelerate your success story!

Clients Websites


i’m glad you asked!

Is This Service Right for You?


THIS isn't a good fit for you if...

You want to replicate your website's current look on a new platform.

You wish to maintain your existing colors, fonts, branding, and layout.

The thought of setting up and building your website on a new platform seems overwhelming and/or you simply do not have the time.

You're looking for a significant change in the appearance of your website compared to the old one. In this case, consider exploring our branding and web customisation services.

You aren't happy with your branding and want to rebrand your website. Checkout our branding and web customisation services.

You don't want your new website to be in the web platform Showit


Courtney Lasalle

It was bought with a vision I had for my website, but I couldn't quite bring it to life and it was just wonky and all over the place. Studio Leelou literally came to the rescue, sent me a questionnaire, had me make a few mood boards, talked a little bit and within a few days, sent me a logo that made my heart sing, I cried because it was everything I wanted, but couldn't quite get, but here they did it and it's 10x better than I imagined. From there they refined my colors to match my style and even made me the cutest design. I wanted something small and minimalistic, that I could add to my site to make it more me, without being distracting and they just did it and did it perfectly.

I'm so grateful for Studio Leelou, they're the sweetest people ever, and are magicians that just whipped my website into shape and gave me something that I feel is me and represents my brand. When I look at it, I just see Love, Romance, Emotion, and warmth which is everything I wanted but couldn't deliver, and they were able to pick up on that immediately and bring that feel to my website.

Victoria Baker

I bought one of Leelou’s website templates and courses mid January this year, and my website was launched at the beginning of March! When I first played eyes on the design, I just loved the vibe. It was totally inline with how I wanted my site to look and feel. And as soon as I heard that they were also offering customisation - it was a done deal. It meant that I was able to focus my time on other things. I couldn’t believe how affordable it all was.

The team at Studio Leelou were really attentive and amazing problem solvers! I am so happy with my site, and with the whole course that came with the template, as I now have a sound knowledge of Showit and am able to tweak and update the site myself. I know that if I ran into trouble, then the team would only be a phone call away! 

Ginger Eyes

I can’t even describe the gold of a rebranding Leelou and her incredible team have gifted me with. I still keep getting “wow’s" about how timeless, stylish and so easy to navigate my site is. I wanted to say thank you to the entire team for your amazing support throughout all those months that we were crafting the new face of my brand, for the scrupulous attention to detail and such an in-depth approach to my business and personality. I believe it is indeed the only way to explore an artist’s world and create something truly unique to them, something that would represent them and speak on their behalf.

Re-imagining your brand is a complex and demanding process, and I am so grateful I’ve done it with Leelou’s team as every step of the way felt exciting and I was always supported and guided. If you want a brand that would be so YOU + look beautiful and sophisticated even 10 years from now, they are definitely your girls!

Pricing Options


3-6 Replicated Web Pages

Content Migration

Blog Setup & Migration

Branded Web Pages

Nav, Menu & Footer Setup

Brand Graphics Placed in Site

Link Checks


7+ Replicated Web Pages

Content Migration

Blog Setup & Migration

Branded Web Pages

Nav, Menu & Footer Setup

Brand Graphics Placed in Site

Link Checks



*If your website has more then 10 pages, the creation of these pages will be charged at USD $50 per hour



Get back on track

We will focus on moving your website, so you can keep focusing on running your biz!

migrate with ease!


Book In

After our meeting we will send you a contract to book in. Book in our migration service, sign the contract and pay a deposit.

The Migration Begins

You sign up to Showit and we begin the move, redesigning your website in Showit while your current site is still live.

Preview and Launch

When the design is complete we will send you a live preview of your new site and walk you through the launch! ✨


How do i book in?

To book our service, simply fill out the contact form below with your current website details. We'll then film a screen recording going over your site and discussing any elements that may need adjustment in the transition (these should only be minor transitions and hover effect). If you're satisfied with the plan, we'll send you an invoice to confirm your booking.

How long will the website replication process take?

Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks for us to recreate your website in Showit. The timeline may vary based on how quickly you can upload your photos to Showit.

Can I customize and update my website after the transition?

Absolutely! Showit is a user-friendly drag-and-drop platform, giving you the freedom to make changes and update content easily. You can even redesign anything we create, ensuring you're not locked into a specific design. Your website's look and feel remain entirely in your control.

Why would I book this service?

While you can recreate your website on Showit yourself, we specialise in the platform and can efficiently rebuild your site, allowing you to focus on your projects, serving your clients, and growing your business.

Do I need to redesign my website?

No, there's no need for a redesign. We specialize in preserving your existing Flothemes design and mirroring it on Showit. Your website will maintain its unique look and feel.

What if I'm not familiar with Showit?

No need to worry! We take care of all the technical aspects when recreating your website in Showit. Once we've completed the transition, you can easily access Showit tutorials to learn how to navigate the platform. Showit's user-friendly interface is intuitive, and most users find it straightforward to use. Additionally, Showit provides exceptional customer support, so whether you have questions or encounter any issues, you can reach out to us or directly contact Showit's support team for assistance.

10 X Replicated Web Pages

Content Migration

Blog Setup & Migration

Branded Web Pages

Nav, Menu & Footer Setup

Brand Graphics Placed in Site

Link Checks

Will my SEO be affected by the transition?

Your SEO can take a dip when you move platforms.

Setting up great SEO in your new site, redirecting pages, keeping your webpages load time down and ensuring your website content is similar to your old site are all things you can do to help combat the dip in your SEO + help it bounce back quicker.

If you want help maintaining your SEO in the move, I recommend reaching out to an SEO specialist to help with the move. One you could try Pepperstorm Media

Be sure to check your organic traffic on your Flothemes site before overthinking this! If you aren’t getting much organic traffic, then this isn’t an issue for your move. Just ensure you take steps to set up good SEO in your new site.

Can you help me with SEO?

For SEO, we recommend getting in touch with Peperstorm Media. You can add their SEO service to your package if you're worried about transferring your SEO from your current site or setting up SEO in your new site.


We will work with you to get your website to a point where it is perfect and ready to launch. We'll send you a how-to video for launching your site. If things get too technical, Showit's support team is always there to help. Simply send them a screenshot of your domain registrar's backend, and they'll guide you through the process.

which showit plan should i select?

If you have a blog, we recommended to opt for the 'Showit + Advanced Blog Subscription'. This choice enables us to seamlessly migrate the blog section of your website. It's important to note that Showit only offers blog migration for users with this specific subscription.

Add ons

Guide Customisation

Stand out with a uniform brand image! If you've purchased one of our web or PDF price guides, we can personalise it to seamlessly match your website's aesthetic.

This service is priced at


Purchase a guide and we will edit it to match the rest of your website!

price and information guide

album showcase and sales guide

the ultimate wedding guide

Ready to make a seamless transition from Flothemes to Showit?

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