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Praise from our clients who are using the templates

Praise from our clients who are using the templates

The moment we saw Golden Days, we were hooked! IT WAS PERFECT! The layout was put together like some sort of glorious caramel-filled, chocolate tasting box. It looked and felt professional yet personable, a joy to dive into and explore. Transitioning the site into the Hungry Hearts Co brand was simple and easy with so much support from the back-end. FINALLY our voice and character is feel-able at every step of the way! Our couples have been commenting on how much they love the site, how user friendly it is and most importantly, how it gives them an accurate vibe for who we are and how we do the things differently. 



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Laura and Rhys
Wedding Photographer and Marriage Celebrant

We’re a young, fun, frisky couple’a Newcastle locals - Loz, a quirky Civil Marriage Celebrant and Rhys, a creative Wedding Photographer. 

about hungry hearts co

As soon as I saw Leelou's templates I fell in love and I was really vibing with the Etienne template. I had never had any experience with building my own website but I found the Showit website to be very intuitive and the task immediately became a whole lot less daunting. I actually had a lot of fun customising my template! I am in love with my new website and I have had so many people comment on how amazing it looks. It really reflects me and my brand and I thank Leelou for being the incredible creator that she is!



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Danielle Power
Wedding Videographer

Being a wedding videographer is not just a job for me, there's nothing I fear more than just having 'a job'. This is a way of life for me and I'm so proud of the fact that I've created the life I always wanted to live.

about clover wedding cinema


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